Hot Rolled Coils

Characteristics of hot rolled coil steel: First, it has excellent strength and toughness, allowing it to resist deformation and withstand huge loads. Additionally, hot-rolled coil steel is a relatively economical option compared to its steel counterpart, thus proving to be an economically viable option for large-scale projects. Its commendable weldability and formability further enhance its appeal and can be easily fabricated and customized. However, it is worth noting that hot-rolled coil steel may have a rougher surface finish than cold-rolled steel, and it can be easily oxidized if not adequately protected.


Additional information

Thickness Range

1,000 mm – any length0.70 mm – 16.00 mm


Grades: Low Grades: SPHT series, SPHC series, S235JR, A36, S275JR, SS400, High Grades: S355JR, ASTM 570 G50, SS500

Width Range

1,000 mm – 2,000 mm