Weight Ruler

Our interactive weight ruler provides our customers with the ability to determine the most appropriate dimensions and weights for their projects, thus saving them time, effort, and costs. It also helps us, as suppliers, to accurately identify the needs of our customers

This ruler is based on the theoretical weight of the iron block, and users can easily select the thickness and length they need from the available measurements.

This ruler covers most of the products that industrialists need, including bars in various shapes, sheets, equal and unequal angles, bridges of various types, IPE, IPE AA, UPE, UPN, HEA, HEB according to Japanese and European standard specifications.

The group is always working to develop available tools and means to facilitate the decision-making process for customers, in addition to the company’s commitment to meeting customer needs according to the required specifications.The group is working in cooperation with Arab and foreign specialized institutions and companies to develop other interactive rulers to include all the products provided by the group.